tempo for intuit

About the Client

intuit has been a provider for small business needs with applications such as QuickBooks and TurboTax. They ease the workload on small companies and making running a business much simpler and easier so that the employers can focus on running the business.

tempo fills a hole that currently exists in the intuit application lineup. The applications currently make managing employee records very simple from hire to pay-check but the everyday employee management like schedules and keeping track of hours has been neglected.


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tempo logo

Save time and money

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keep track of your hours

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App Design

Here's a prototype for employers and employees

tempo is a mobile app that allows employees to clock in and clock out when they are at work. They can see their weekly schedules, update information and request vacations. Employers can use the app to

create schedules, and keep track of employees’ hours worked. Most importantly the employee’s hours are automatically transferred to the other intuit applications to further decrease the work of the employer.

the schedule system for phones

Easily create schedules to share
instantly with employees

Set how close employees have to be in order to clock in and out.

employee clock in

Employees can clock in and see all relevant information about hours worked and vacation days.

tablet view

tempo also has a tablet view that can make building schedules easier.

Website Design

See the site in action!

The tempo website design is intended to be the point of sale on the intuit website. It is similar to the other application’s websites to create a familiar feel for potential employers looking at expanding their intuit

application library. The mobile and tablet app allow the website to remain simple because the other apps integrate seamlessly with tempo.

website sketch
website sketch