About the Project

Allusion is the perfect binge watching companion. It is an original concept that includes facial recognition with a focus on improving and simplifying the user experience of binge watching all your favorite shows

and movies. Allusion is there to help when you recognize an actor/actress from another show but you just can’t quite remember where you remember them from.


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App Design

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Allusion was created with improving your entertainment experience. The facial recognition search makes it easier to find the star on your screen to see other works or more about the movie that you are currently watching. Allusion goes a step further and creates a Master Watchlist. You can add any movie or

show to the Allusion watchlist and once you’ve connected your streaming services, Allusion will update your watchlist on each service with any shows or movies that are available. You can also add to your service watchlists and have your Master Watchlist updated.

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