By Osprey

Made in Collaboration With:

Jarret Pickens, Kaeli Warde-Sandoval, Miguel Ramirez

About the Client

Who They Are

The Osprey brand unites people from all walks of life through the common experiences of travel and adventure. Osprey’s dedication to sustainable production, the quality of their products, and their lifetime guarantee has made them one of the most trusted backpack brands in the market.

Project Objectives

To further extend the brand, we created a digital product that empowers hikers and aligns with the Osprey brand promises of adventure and trust.

Challenges & Strategies

Pain Points

Frequently interacting with a mobile device can get in the way of an outdoor adventure.


Terra doesn’t need to be constantly monitored, so doesn’t detract from your travel experience.

The battery life of a mobile GPS device can mean the difference between life and death on a wilderness adventure.

Terra runs independently from the app and doesn’t require cellphone service. It uses 3V batteries that are easy to replace and lightweight enough to carry extras.

Hikers frequently find themselves outside of cellphone service areas and it can be difficult to keep electronics constantly charged.

The Terra App allows users to pre-load trails into their device so that when they are outside of cellphone service area they will still be able to navigate. Terra also lets them create more than one trail so that they can easily switch the navigation on their device.

wireframes of the Terra app


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Color Palette
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App Design

Try the prototype for yourself!

Terra by Osprey is the perfect companion app for when you’re hiking. It connects to the Terra device seamlessly in order to take the worry out of your travels.

You can quickly and easily find and create trails, geotag your favorite places along the way and see stats about your adventure, even when you don’t have service.

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App Design 1
App Design 1

Website Design

The microsite allows the Terra community to discover new trails, be inspired, and find other Terra users.

Sponsored athletes who use Terra will be able to share their adventures for other users to follow.

Find inspiration in Osprey Athletes

App Design 1
App Design 1

Keep up with your personal progress

App Design 1

Create, manage and discover new trails

App Design 1
App Design 1

Connect to the online Terra community to find new inspiration

App Design 1

Discover the Terra device for yourself

App Design 1
terra device placed on leaves

The Terra Device

Terra is designed to help navigate your trail, tag your favorite locations, view your progress and help in emergency situations. Eight LED lights and a physical button help conserve battery life.

Terra is waterproof and uses a watch battery so you never have to charge it and can easily change the battery when it needs to be replaced. Your phone doesn’t need to be connected for the device to work, so your phone battery remains unaffected during your adventures.

Process Work

terra device placed on leaves terra device placed on leaves

Device Functionality


Push and hold the button in the center to send out an emergency GPS signal. Red lights flash so that you can be sure your request for help has been sent. Pushing the button again turns off the beacon. Green lights will flash three times to confirm the cancellation.

App Design 1


A single push of the button will display a red light that points North and a green light that tells you in which direction you need to walk to either get back to your trail or to stay on it. The lights stay on for a few seconds then automatically turn off so that the battery is not wasted.

App Design 1


Double tapping the center button will show you how much of your trail you have completed. Green lights light up in a clockwise rotation starting from the top of the device with each light equaling 20% of your current trail.

App Design 1


Tripple tapping the button geotags your current location as a point of interest along your trail. You can later revisit this location from the app or microsite to add pictures or comments that you can share with the Terra community. Blue lights flash in an alternating pattern so you can be sure that that your location has been saved.

App Design 1